Message from the Chief

Chief Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong, Chief of Police

Charting the Course for the Future By Working Together

As I reflect upon my upcoming 40 years of “Indian Country-Law Enforcement Services” duty, I remain grateful and fortunate to have been mentored by great Indian leaders that exemplified the West Point motto, “duty-honor-country”.

Now, as I serve as the Chief of Police for the Colorado River Indian Tribes-Law Enforcement Services Office, I am reminded of my duty to not only train and teach but also to mentor our staff and supervisors by providing Trust and Credibility, but also Humility and Respect, while remaining vigilant of the vision for the future and our community.

By providing these basic core values through training, policy, and sound ethical command, we intend to instill “integrity” into our up and coming young leaders to provide “consistency” in our duty in the administration and implementation of our Vision and Mission.

With these basic core values, it is our intent that we will continue working together as we move towards achieving excellence in delivery of service to meet the challenges of the future.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to provide prompt, professional police services that place an emphasis on enhancing the quality of life, while maintaining respect for individual rights, human dignity, building confidence and respect between the community of the Colorado River Indian Reservation and their police department.

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